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 Mandatory pensions 
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Pension Funds

Mandatory pension funds (2nd pillar):

- ING - managed by ING Pension Fund
- AZT Viitorul tau - managed by ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Private Pensions
- Aripi - managed by GENERALI Pension Fund
- AIG - managed by AIG Pension Fund
- Pensia Viva - managed by AVIVA Pensions
- Interamerican - managed by INTERAMERICAN Pensions
- BCR - managed by BCR Pensions
- Vital - managed by BT AEGON Pension Fund
- BRD - managed by BRD Pension Fund
- Omniforte - managed by OMNIASIG Pensions
- Bancpost - managed by BANCPOST Pension Fund
- OTP - managed by OTP Pension Fund
- Prima Pensie - managed by PRIMA PENSIE Pension Fund
- KD - managed by KD Pension Fund
(other 4 pension funds withdrew from the market, at their request - MARFIN, ZEPTER, MKB Romexterra and AG2R)

Voluntary pension fund (3rd pillar):

- BCR Prudent - managed by BCR Life Insurance
- AZT Moderato - managed by ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Private Pensions
- AZT Vivace - managed by ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Private Pensions
- ING Optim - managed by ING Life Insurance
- ING Clasic - managed by ING Life Insurance
- Pensia mea - managed by AVIVA Life Insurance
- OTP Strateg - managed by OTP Garancia Insurance
- RAIFFEISEN Acumulare - managed by RAIFFEISEN Asset Management
(other funds are in procedures to be licensed: CONCORDIA Moderat - by ASIROM Concordia, EUREKO Confort and EUREKO ACTIV - by INTERAMERICAN Pensions, and others)

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