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What pension funds were the first choices of new labour market entrants in H1

BCR, GENERALI and ALLIANZ-TIRIAC - these were the mandatory pension funds (2nd pillar) of choice for the new entrants in the labour market during H1. All in all, the mandatory pensions system welcomed 7,914 new participants between the 17th of January and the 20th of June, out of which 2,217 chose BCR (28% of new entrants), 1,569 chose GENERALI (20%) and 1,480 chose ALLIANZ-TIRIAC (19%).

By continuous opting-in, new labour market entrants can adhere to the 2nd pillar mandatory pension funds, if they are under 35. Also, membership is open this way to participants aged 35-45 that have not yet opted for a fund.


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