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XPRIMM's private pensions market awards 2011: And the winners are...

The fourth edition of the Private Pensions Market Awards Gala recently emphasized the outstanding market results of 2010, in the context of a year so difficult from both an economical and political perspective. PRIMM Magazine - Insurance & Pensions awards this year were designed to capitalize personal efforts, financial success as well as the ongoing struggle to financially educate the public.

The awards were handed by Mr. Razvan FAER, Head of Strategy and Marketing at TRANSFOND, strategic partner of the Gala and a constant supporter of the private pension market. ...And the winners are:

Honorary Diploma: this was jointly awarded to the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the European Commission, for the consistent support of the Romanian pension reform and the strengthening of the private pension market.

Award for outstanding contribution to the development of the private pension market: Crinu ANDANUT, PhD, Chairman of APAPR and CEO of ALLIANZ - TIRIAC Private Pensions. The recognition was awarded for the exceptional personal contribution to the development of the private pension market as well as supporting, with energy and commitment, the interests of both operators and participants to the private pension system in difficult times such as last year.

XPRIMM Trophy for contributing to the private pension market: this was awarded to the market watchdog CSSPP, for the constant lobbying activity in favor of the private pensions market and continued efforts to promote the importance of retirement savings.

Best Medium - sized fund: GENERALI Pensions, managing the ARIPI fund
Best Small - sized fund: AEGON Pensions, managing the VITAL fund
Pension Fund Management Company of the Year: ING Life&Pensions

The awards for individual pension funds were based on a strict evaluation of several performance criteria, considering data for 2010.


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